Mad Skillz is the pioneer when it comes to the year “Rap Up” and it’s been known for some time, but it seems that Uncle Murda doesn’t care that he jacked his style. Last week Skillz dropped a response/diss track aimed at Uncle Murda called Murda Gram where he literally lyrically dissected Uncle Murda, but Murda is not going down without a fight.A few minutes ago Uncle Murda posted the cover for a new track thought to be titled “Why You Mad” where he bragged and boasted about jacking his style. Uncle Murda went even further on the snippet where he boasted that he is going to jack his “Rap Up” song and will drop another version for 2018. Listen to the snippet here first and be sure to check back for the full-length version.

Listen to Skillz “Murda Gram” Uncle Murda Diss


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