J. Cole is one of the heavyweights in hip-hop and we’ve just learned that he will be making an Epic comeback this year with a new Experimental album. The news came via Wos podcast around the 50 minute where he went into detail about the project. Here’s what was said:

“Cole has been working on the album since last year and is still working on it now, it’s definitely dropping this year.

Cole and Dreamville are fully aware that 4YEO did not connect sonically with most hip hop fans, and will rectify that with this new album

The sound of the new album will be COMPLETELY different to what people have come to expect from Cole, and will sound nothing like 4YEO

Cole is challenging himself on this album to make songs that people don’t think he can’t make

People are going to be shocked when they see the producers that Cole is working with on this new album (He’s already been pictured in the studio with Dr Dre)

This new album is his best work yet and will put Cole back in contention for the top spot vs Kendrick and Drake”


We may not even get that collab album from Kendrick & J. Cole but atleast we will get this dream project which is confirmed to be dropping this year.



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