Eminem dropped his Revival album last month and the reviews were terrible and Eminem has acknowledged that the world did not receive the album well. Earlier this morning Eminem released the “Chloraseptic” (Remix) feat. 2 Chainz & PHRESHER and it literally broke the internet after its release. Eminem is featured on the third verse where he spits a new verse saying “I’ll be back” which means we’re getting another album this year just like First he released Relapse then Recovery. Don’t forget Refill. So perhaps he’ll drop extension of Revival or a new album. It’s a pattern, Em goes out, comes back & drops back to back Albums.

Eminem feels like he has something to prove at the moment and knows that he needs to spit like he spit on the remix for hip-hop to embrace the project. If you haven’t heard the song be sure to check below for the stream, enjoy.

Eminem – Chloraseptic” (Remix) feat. 2 Chainz & PHRESHER


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