Drake & Kendrick Lamar are the top two rappers in the game at the moment and for years everyone has wanted to see the two go head to toe but never heard anything from the two besides subliminal. Well, today that’s about to change after a new video clip surfaced online where Drake is heard taking shots or dissing Kendrick Lamar and social media is going crazy with the news. Drake took several shots at Kendrick Lamar even going as far as calling Kendrick Lamar the underdog that’s “extremely hungry” & that he’s giving people “moments” and basically called his verses forgettable.

Watch the video clip below, and let us know who you think is the better rapper below via the comment section.


  1. This is going to be a good battle. Lupe Fiasco was just saying that Kendrick Lamar had no punchlines … he kinda has a point. I’d def like to see this battle tho!

  2. Kendrick is by far the most authentic out of the two. Drake’s comments sound teenager like, pie in the sky. He’s a candy coated popstar that feels vulnerable to K. Dot’s realism. It’s kinda like comparing Nas to Shaggy…


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