Azealia Banks is back in the headlines today and today she’s taking shots at fellow New York rapper, Cardi B disses Cardi B, calls her an ‘illiterate, untalented rat’ via Instagram, we have included the post below.

The Harlem product is stirring the pot by attacking fellow female rapper Cardi B in the Instagram comments of A Tribe Called Quest member Jarobi White. White reposted a video of Cardi ranting about how she feels a need to flaunt her money and belongings to remind the haters that she’s made it. What happened in the comments section was unexpected though. Azealia Banks clapped back at Cardi, writing to the ATCQ member, “Ewww. You’re getting unfollowed for posting this illiterate untalented rat.” Banks continued, “This **** is not an artist if anyone needs to humble themselves. It’s her.”


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