Ayanna Jackson, the woman who accused Tupac of rapping her in 1993 is making headlines this week for all the wrong reasons after the internet dissected her in-depth interview with DJ Vlad. The interview has caused the internet to look closer into the claims which are very conflicting to Tupac accounts of the incidents which transpired that night at the Parker Meridien Hotel on Nov. 18, 1993. Ayanna Jackson was 19 years old at the time and waited over 20 years to speak on the incident which many allege is a promotion for her upcoming book. Ultimately, 2pac was convicted of first-degree sexual assault and sentenced to 1 1/2 to 4 1/2 years in prison before being bailed out by Suge Knight via Death Row Records.

We have composed a number of videos below where people examine Ayanna’s rape claims and also the full set of the interview which she did with did with Vlad in chronological order.

Check out the series of Interviews with Ayanna Jackson via Vlad TV.

Tupac speaks on Ayanna Jackson’s rape claim.

In-depth break down analysis.

Daz Dillenger speaks on Ayanna Jackson’s interview with Vlad TV.

Tariq Nasheed speaks on Ayanna Jackson’s claims of being raped by Tupac

Yukmouth speaks on Ayanna Jackson & 2pac


  1. I don’t believe her. who comes out 20 years later speaking on a dead man’s name? u already got him sent to jail in the 90s. why bring this back up?

  2. I always knew Tupac was innocent. Ayanna just confirmed it. I watched her entire interview from start to finish. Ayanna story was so inconsistent, the lies she told is truly sad. I encourage everyone to watch the full video of a Ayanna Jackson disgraceful video. Ayanna you should be ashamed of herself.


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