Is A$AP Rocky taking shots at Drake? It appears to be that way after an interview with him surfaced online with Forbes Magazine. In the interview with Steve Baltin of Forbes Magazine ASAP Rocky went into depth taking shots at rappers for using “ghostwriters” and immediately the world thought that he was subliminally taking shots at him with the comments saying: “It’s just everything that we love doing, everything about hip-hop just don’t even matter no more. You don’t have to have skills to rap, you don’t have to be a dope rapper to rap, you don’t have to even have the talent to rap. Everything I’m saying is fact. All you need is a ghostwriter. F**k all the politics of what you need. There are so many acts that are just mediocre that are winning. My point isn’t to make them lose, my point is that mediocrity is oversaturating the game and we just keep s**t level.” – A$AP Rocky

Many are going to think that Rocky wasn’t taking shots at Drake, but it’s clear that Drake is the first rappers who people think of when the world “Ghostwriters” after his beef with Meek Mill in 2015. Let us know if you think its a reach or if A$AP Rocky is aiming for Drizzy’s throne below via the comment section.


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