Today we got news about A$AP Rocky’s  Testing album which looks like its going to better than we anticipated!

Check out the news below via Don Diva Magazine Episode 62

“Now, Rocky is prepping to bless his fans and the music world with some new tunes. He is currently getting ready to release his next album, titled Testing. The album will feature production by Clams Casino, Plu2o Nash, Boi1da, Hector Delgado, Juicy J, Dean Blunt, and Dev Hynes.”

“It’s like one of those albums niggas been waiting on, but they don’t know they need it,” he explained. “Basically the point of this whole **** is just testing sounds. It’s just new wavelengths. It’s more so the outcome of an experiment , you know what I’m saying? So, these experiences is just all mystical journeys for people. I just hope that they really catch on with the ride. I’m actually challenging my listeners to an extent. The state of music we was just talking about that you got the young cats & they aesthetics, you got the older cats, you know, with they aesthetics. People call young cats mumble rappers; people call the old cats jealous. I feel like I’m kind of in the middle, you know? I’m not young enough to be a mumble rapper and I’m not old enough to be an old head. I’m a guy the young kids still look up to. I’m still taking advice from the old heads. So I’m in a position where, you know, I want to make music for that medium. You know, my best way of making art. You feel me? I’m not really good at self-promoting. I like to let the product speak for itself.”


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